"After two vertebrae were dislocated at the top of my neck and after many years of not being unable to turn my head properly, Pamela was recommended to me. I have tried Acupuncture, Osteopathy and massage, but none of them ever got to the root of the problem the way Pamela did. After only seven treatments the movement that I have regained is quite unbelievable and continues to improve. My neck and shoulders feel far more relaxed and I can now turn my head to check on my kids misbehaving in the car now! I was so impressed with Pamela's approach to therapy that I took my 11 year old son to her when he injured his leg, needless to say he felt far better after seeing Pamela. I can highly recommend her." -Angela MacMillan, Vision Mixer, Glasgow, Scotland.

"Besides being a really nice person with a strange accent, Pamela is an outstanding, incredibly knowledgeable therapist. She helped me through major back and shoulder problems. In the former case she helped me avoid surgery. With the shoulder problem, she consistently brought me relief and ultimately was responsible for my cure by recommending a visit to my orthopedist and a physical therapy regimen. Pamela you are sorely missed in Chicago (pardon the pun)." -Jan Derdiger, Senior Counsel, Chicago, IL, USA.

"I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. This is not helped by a desk job sitting in front of a computer for sometimes, 12-15 hours a day. Without having to detail every ache and pain, Pamela always zeros in on the worst spots with a knack for making me feel better. She has an amazing knowledge of the body and is quite a lovely person to boot. I recommend her highly!" -Tzivia Masliansky, Attorney, Chicago, USA.

"After visiting a number of osteopaths and chiropractors with my back problem, I was recommended to visit Pamela Loch at her city centre clinic. Through massage, stretching and exercise, she was able to dramatically reduce the pain I was in, and greatly improve my mobility and flexibility. Pamela is extremely competent, considerate and highly professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Oh and she is a nice person to be treated by!"-Andrew McLaughlin, Co Director, Glasgow, Scotland.

"I worked with Pamela for several years as I have chronic problems with my neck and hamstrings.  Pamela effectively treated me with a focused program of deep massage and stretching, resulting in great pain relief and increased flexibility.  Unlike other massage therapists I had previously worked with, Pamela combines strong technical knowledge with physical skill in a thoughtful and caring environment.  I recommend her highly." -Evan Boris, President of a Real Estate Investment Company, Chicago, IL, USA.

"Aches and tiredness appeared on my body while training for the Berlin marathon, Sept 2011. I can only say Pamela was wonderful and so knowledgeable about every part of the body she was working on. The deep sports massage made my legs amazingly light and completely relieved the tension through my neck and shoulders. Having had a previous stress fracture and feeling a few niggles in this area Pamela was able to work in the area and add some sports taping allowing me to run pain free. I highly recommend her." -E. Cameron, Marathoner, Hamilton, Scotland.

"When I broke my arm, the intense work Pamela did made a huge difference in reducing pain and restoring flexibility. Better still, she is a delightful, warm, and genuinely funny person who is an absolute joy to know." -Rob Sullivan, Professional Development Speaker, Author & Coach, Chicago, USA.

"I've worked with many massage therapists in the past, but none have impressed me as much as Pamela Loch.  The simple reason is that she not only listens to what you tell her, she also "listens" to what your body is telling her.  Pamela's ability to assess what is triggering muscle aches and tension helps her develop a wholistic strategy to deal with what aches her patients.  She is also a great teacher.  Not only did Pamela's therapy help lessen and reduce chronic back pain, she taught me to be more aware of myself.  In this way, utilizing her tips on posture, sitting, daily exercises... along with the weekly massage therapy she provided, I've never felt better nor healthier.  With Pamela you get more than just a therapist, you get a partner in your health." -Angie Lau, Anchor/Reporter, Hong Kong.

"As a recreational runner and triathlete I had accumulated a multitude of injuries over the years: lower-back pain, sprained ankle, shoulder and neck tension, strained calf and hamstring etc.  And even though I stretched and took care of myself, I found I could not continue these sports without professional therapy. Enter Pamela. On my initial visits, Pamela worked to correct my chronic lower back problems, which frankly, I despaired of ever overcoming. I continued to see her on a monthly basis for nearly five years to address new issues as they arose and keep ahead of the curve. Pamela employed a variety of clinical techniques to help me stay healthy and ultimately improve my endurance sport performance. I would recommend her to anyone seeking top notch clinical massage." -David Burnett. Marathoner and Iron man, Commodities Broker, Chicago, USA.

"Pamela is an amazing masseuse. For me, she always did deep tissue massage and while it didn't always feel relaxing or fabulous, the results were astonishing! I used to have daily headaches and Pamela was able to work out a ton of the tension in my head and neck and now I almost never get them! It was like she was able to reset years of bad habits and bad posture. Whenever I would come in with a new ailment, Pamela always tried to help me resolve it. Whether it was digestive, a pulled muscle, a pinched nerve or just the negative effects of a stressful job, she listened to my needs and addressed them. I have seen many massage therapists through the years but I am a healthier person because of the time I have spent under Pamela's care." -L. Merlo, School Teacher, Chicago, USA.

"Work truly takes a toll on my body, but Pamela was always able to pinpoint problem areas and release tension like no other masseuse.  When she worked on my legs for the first time and completed therapy on the one, I was so glad I had another leg left to do! I have had dozens of massage therapists and Pamela is without question the best. I walk in with a back full of knots and leave feeling like jello!  Pamela is a first class therapist and I highly recommend her to remedy your aches and pains."  -Terry Bates, Cameraman & Editor WGN-TV, Chicago, USA.

"In the winter of 2009 I started to develop carpel tunnel syndrome. As a fiber artist who relied on repetitive hand motions to create, this was a physically and mentally painful development. Pamela was able to work with me to relieve my wrist pain. She also taught me stretches and exercises I could do on my own to help ease the symptoms. I had also suffered from chronic shoulder pain for years, her precise trigger point therapy helped free me from my shoulder suffering. She is a passionate and caring person who truly cares about each and every one of her patients." -J. Thompson, Artist & Teacher, Chicago, USA.

"If you heard a crack, Pamela Loch's got your back. If you have a pain, Pamela Loch will make you sane. No matter what ails you, Pamela Loch will never fail you. Pamela Loch is her name, and fixing you is her game." -Angie Lau, Client & Part-Time Poet :) Hong Kong.